Urbis' Sapphire Lights Up the Tay Bridge in Scotland

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Urbis' Sapphire Lights Up the Tay Bridge in Scotland

30/03/2010 - Project News

Sapphire - Tay Bridge, Scotland

The clever use of Lighting can help bring a bridge's structure to life, whilst ensuring a safe night crossing. We recently supplied our functional Sapphire luminaire for a relighting project on the Tay Bridge.

The bridge spans 2.25km over the estuary of the River Tay near Dundee and was opened in 1966 at a cost of £4.8m. The original carriageway lighting used 400W mercury lamps, which were subsequently replaced 20 years ago with our DZ15 units fitted with 150W SONs.

The concept for the new lighting scheme was developed by a joint venture between the Tay Road Bridge Board and the Street Lighting Partnership (SLP).

Angus Urquhart, a Senior Street Lighting Engineer for the SLP explained, "a survey had shown that a number of the columns needed replacing. The existing lighting levels were still adequate but we wanted to switch to a white light solution, partly to reduce energy costs. After testing four of the Sapphires, we found that they provided the best uniformity of light."


Sapphire - Tay Bridge, ScotlandIn total we supplied 152 of our durable Sapphire 2 luminaires fitted with 100W CDO-TT lamps and electronic control gear. They are mounted post-top on the new 8m columns.

Angus commented, "using modern technology has reduced the energy bill by a third. The Sapphires provide excellent photometric performance, reduce light spillage and by night the light brings the bridge's structure to life. It's an excellent solution."

The SLP delivers an integrated street lighting service across the region and comprises Tayside Contracts, Dundee City and Perth & Kinross councils.